Make It Smarter: 5G Networks in the City

Make It Smarter: 5G Networks in the City
Agnes Mends-Crentsil

By 2040, 65 percent of the global population is forecast to live in urban areas, compared with 29 percent in 1950. This urban growth is an important driver in the increasing interest in smart cities. 

And as cities get smarter, their networks must evolve to support the growing need for pervasive wireless technologies, open data, and trusted security—a perfect opportunity to use 5G networks to accelerate innovation through existing smart city technology. As a result, the latency and reliability demand for 5G services will likely increase across both public and private industry sectors.

The infographic below gives a sense of the impact that 5G can have on a smart city.


5G Network in the City

To extract full benefits from this scenario, all providers—mobile, enterprise, and cloud—must consider a visibility solution that ensures end-through-end visibility regardless of service, network, vendor, or technologies to assure innovation, quality of service, and optimum user experience for their 5G networks.

Take a virtual walk through a 5G smart city.