Security Without Compromise

Digital-first strategies require smart hybrid DDoS protection, according to TechValidate research firm.

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Most enterprises today are focused on a digital-first strategy. As a result, IT complexity is growing, along with an expanding threat landscape. According to IDC, 86 percent of boards of directors see cybersecurity as a top priority in 2022.

That’s not too surprising, especially when considering the latest NETSCOUT Threat Intelligence Report, which points out that in 2021 there were almost 10 million distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and adversaries continued to innovate. The enterprise IT organization itself, including the NetOps engineer, SecOps manager, IT director, and CIO, is not worried so much about a router going down; people in these roles are concerned about the availability of business-critical services and the impact on user experience and customer satisfaction. In a digital-first and hyperconnected environment, enterprises seek to improve network performance and optimize security posture. But how can they do this, and what kind of results should they expect?

With NETSCOUT solutions, companies have consistently been able to manage risk to innovate with confidence. Specifically for enterprises, Arbor Edge Defense (AED) and Arbor Cloud are used in a hybrid model to gain rapid, clear insights into attack traffic across the entire IT environment from the network, application, cloud, and user community perspective, allowing enterprises to get ahead of attackers and prevent any compromise.

Intelligent Hybrid DDoS Protection

Attackers are getting smarter and more daring. Many attacks fall into the adaptive DDoS category, meaning they adapt attack vectors to counteract defenses enterprises are employing to stop them. This is difficult for many cloud-only solutions to manage with tight tolerances in mind due to the reaction time each vector change may require to divert identified attack traffic to its scrubbing centers. However, having an on-premises purpose-built DDoS solution makes adapting defenses to changing vectors easier and augments the cloud solution as the cloud solution augments the on-premises presence with volumetric attacks that take place prior to the router. Arbor Cloud and AED augment each other to provide the comprehensive hybrid DDoS strategy enterprises need today.

Independent research firm TechValidate by SurveyMonkey recently asked your peers whether Arbor DDoS protection was having an impact on their day-to-day operations and their bottom line. IT professionals from more than a dozen industries were surveyed, and almost 100 percent of them said that NETSCOUT delivers the best hybrid DDoS protection and perimeter defense solution.

How does NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense product and/or Arbor Cloud DDoS Protection service help you solve cybersecurity challenges?

Best-in-Class Security

Having an on-premises protection with its inherent attack management agility and efficiency is a priority. One survey respondent said that not only does NETSCOUT have “best-in-class” products but also that “AED is great for perimeter defense and compliments a cloud-based volumetric DDoS solution.”

An IT architect from a large utility company said stopping threats at the network perimeter helps his organization power the moments that matter to millions of customers. “Every internet drain in place at every data center is protected by AED,” he noted in his survey response.

A Global 500 IT services company using a NETSCOUT DDoS solution to protect its game-changing business reduced its incident tracking metric for mean time to respond (MTTR), used internally to track DDoS incidents, by 80 to 100 percent by using NETSCOUT’s Arbor Edge Defense, Arbor Cloud, and threat intelligence from ATLAS and ASERT as part of its security operations.

When it comes to cybersecurity, the question is not if, but when, your organization will be a target. With “bad actors” constantly improving attack methods, the risks of experiencing negative impacts to your business, including increased costs, lost revenue due to service downtime, or a hit to your reputation, are greater than ever. AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Palo Alto Network customers responding to the TechValidate survey agreed that AED and Arbor Cloud deliver intelligent hybrid DDoS protection. Their top two reasons for using these solutions were to achieve the following:

  • Effectively stop complex DDoS attacks as efficiently as possible before they impact network, business-critical applications, or services
  • Effectively stop state-exhaustion DDoS attacks before they impact stateful network devices such as firewalls, VPN gateways, or load balancers

One cybersecurity engineer that uses Palo Alto Networks Panorama for next-generation firewall (NGFW) management and AWS Security Hub in its security stack noted that Arbor DDoS products complement these platforms and provide significantly better DDoS protection compared with alternative solutions to reduce security risks. “Applications and services availability is key to my organization,” said a security architect at a large financial services organization. “NETSCOUT has the best DDoS protection and edge defense solution for our organization. AED has been a lifesaver.”

A network engineer at a government agency agreed, saying that not only do Arbor products work brilliantly, but also that AED “protects services automatically and reduces the need for nonstop manpower surveillance.”

Enterprises from all industries have embarked on a digital-first strategy. Success hinges on defending themselves and mitigating risks from complex multivector DDoS attacks that can happen with the simple click of a button. Arbor DDoS protection from NETSCOUT assures service availability, which together with confidentiality, integrity, and nonrepudiation comprise the four fundamental tenets of security.

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