The Rise of Network Virtualization Demands Service Assurance

telecom network virtualization

As mobile operators move toward virtualized infrastructures to automate rapidly evolving telecom networks, the need to maintain service assurance has never been greater. The rollout of network functions virtualization tools is likely to be a gradual process, as providers take a considered approach that identifies the specific applications or services that are appropriate for their virtual infrastructure. Firewalls, IMS core functionality and DNS functions are just some examples that operators will consider as they virtualize.

To meet growing virtualization challenges, NETSCOUT offers its combination of service assurance, cybersecurity, and business analytics solutions. This industry-leading approach has been honed through years of experience with communication service providers and large-scale enterprises that have been engaged in digital transformation efforts.

As 5G network slicing comes into play - which calls for application service network and spectrum resources to be automatically provisioned on an end-to-end virtual network - service assurance tools will need to evolve to meet performance demands. NETSCOUT is already prepared to meet these 5G service assurance requirements having acquired an extensive understanding of latency-sensitive applications from working with clients in the financial sector. 

While operators spin up their 5G networks, NETSCOUT is well positioned to support these changes. Because NETSCOUT solutions operate at the VNF layer, we are able to put together a micro-service to monitor interoperation with other networks.

In addition, NETSCOUT is keenly focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), as we work with the LTE-M and NB-IoT networks. The volume of data produced by IoT devices offers a tremendous opportunity for operators. We are able to deliver service assurance by turning real-time network data into actionable insights that allow operators to improve network and user quality of experience – at the same time ensuring adherence to service-level agreements.

This blog is based on the article, Netscout Q&A: Service assurance in the age of network virtualization published on RCR Wireless News.