A bedrock element of today’s connected world, companies depend on cloud environments for vital speed and agility. But it’s not a force for IT simplification, as CIOs must cut through IT complexity to reap cloud’s full benefits. Indeed, building a secure, high-performing cloud strategy requires a new approach to infrastructure and operations.

For, cutting that complexity meant finding a way to gain visibility into applications and their dependencies in hybrid cloud environments. The company selected NETSCOUT Virtual nGeniusONE™ and vSTREAM™ solutions, coupled with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) Ingress Routing Enhancements and Traffic Mirroring to control performance and security blind spots within and between its data centers and Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a result, improved its Mean Time to Knowledge by up to 80%.

“After migrating to AWS, we needed a solution that could work with AWS to further increase performance and security monitoring,” said Andrew J. Nash, CEO of “NETSCOUT helped us quickly identify the root cause of server and application issues while reducing our overall costs.”

Amazon VPC Ingress Routing Enhancements and Traffic Mirroring augments NETSCOUT’s solutions for AWS, offering an efficient way to acquire packet data and deliver additional visibility into applications and security on AWS environments before, during, and after workload migration to AWS. The solution helps the company improve service availability and improve network functionality, which are vital components for the online auction marketplace. “Our IT team is continually looking at best-of-breed solutions that help us enable our online auction marketplace for seized, stolen, abandoned, and surplus goods provided by law enforcement agencies and municipalities across the country,” Nash said. IT now monitors both east/west traffic running in the data center and on AWS as well as north/south traffic between on-premises and the cloud. The company's IT team can now intelligently pinpoint the network, session, enabler, database, application, or other service performance issues so that they can be corrected.

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