AWS Traffic Mirroring Contributes to NETSCOUT’s Smart Data Intelligence

AWS Traffic Mirroring Contributes to NETSCOUT’s Smart Data Intelligence

According to Forbes, 83 percent of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020. Of course, the success of those efforts’ rests on the ability of IT to ensure service assurance and security, which requires visibility into applications and their dependencies in today’s hybrid environment.

The push to embrace digital transformation has introduced application and service complexities that are challenging enterprises of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of whether migrating applications using lift and shift, refactoring existing applications or developing new ones with microservices, managing critical functions on Amazon Web Services (AWS) necessitates that enterprises be able to rapidly address issues as they occur, including eliminating performance and security "blind-spots."

“The largest companies in the world cannot innovate without cohesive, precise and immediate visibility into the risks associated with revenue-bearing and customer-facing applications and cloud services. Hybrid and public cloud environments help produce high availability and scalability in datacenters for global scale,” said Stephen Elliot, program vice president, IDC. “IT executives increasingly need visibility to secure application performance crossing all the interwoven dependencies to the edge; any gap increases business risks and can cause a poor user experience that impacts revenue and a company’s brand.”

NETSCOUT helps you achieve the required visibility, eliminate "blind-spots" and innovate with confidence. We are a leading provider of service assurance, security, and business analytics serving Global 2000 enterprises and Tier 1 carriers. We are an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner and our innovative smart data technology makes it possible for IT and SecOps to assure application performance and improve enterprise security across on-premise data centers and AWS cloud infrastructure.

NETSCOUT offers a cost effective and affordable on-prem packet capturing solution for both service assurance and security. By harnessing the intelligence of the captured packet data, we deliver a robust early warning system for both performance and security.

Amazon VPC traffic mirroring helps NETSCOUT to seamlessly extend our packet capturing capabilities to AWS and effectively gain visibility without borders into applications and their dependencies in hybrid cloud environments. The traffic mirrored from AWS AMI (Amazon Machine Image) workloads to NETSCOUT virtual probes deployed in AWS is transformed into smart data and analyzed to provide deep insights into application performance and security. This real time, precise, and relevant intelligence is delivered across all connected applications and their interactions with the service delivery infrastructure.

Amazon VPC traffic mirroring and NETSCOUT smart data enable IT and SecOps to gain actionable intelligence that allows them to assure application reliability, availability and responsiveness, as well as improve the security of workloads running in AWS or hybrid cloud environments.

By combining Amazon VPC traffic mirroring with NETSCOUT technology, enterprises have an innovative and agentless solution to streamline the acquisition of packet data for effective monitoring and assurance in hybrid cloud environments before, during and after workload migration to AWS.

This powerful collaboration enables IT to assure service performance when migrating applications, compute, network, database and storage workloads to the cloud. This in turn allows them to innovate with confidence and rapidly uncover and resolve application and service performance and security problems without modifying existing workflows.

As digital transformation continues to accelerate, IT teams and processes are changing to support high velocity deployments. Traffic mirroring turned into smart data in AWS is key to delivering cloud migration success.

Russ Currie
VP Enterprise Strategy, NETSCOUT Systems Inc.

For additional information regarding the Amazon VPC traffic mirroring functionality please refer to the following AWS blog.  Or  see the video demo and solution architecture below.

Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring With NETSCOUT