Private 4G LTE: What Happens On-Site, Stays On-Site

Private 4G LTE: What Happens On-Site, Stays On-Site

The demand for private networks is increasing due to the changes in technology and requirements of modern business and government entities. Private networks—whether LTE or 5G—are allowing enterprises to evolve their operations in a highly efficient manner to ensure resiliency, scalability, and flexibility, according to reports from the Global Mobile Suppliers Association.

Sustaining business and mission-critical services is a key priority for enterprises as they take control of on-site campus-wide regional networks to ensure performance, prevent outages, and improve the quality of experience to meet the demands of their customers.

Real success happens when enterprises form reliable partnerships to secure their private networks and guarantee the availability of business and mission-critical services. Southern Linc found this alliance with NETSCOUT, assuring the deliverance of critical services for its private 4G LTE network 24/7, 365 days of the year.

NETSCOUT’s visibility solutions provide Southern Linc’s data centers with the ability to accelerate root-cause identification and streamline workflows to support a consistent and secure end-user experience. Southern Linc’s private 4G LTE network gives customers access to the company’s supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) Internet of Things devices in the field to offer information on grid performance that can help them quickly avoid or resolve power outages.

With decades of experience in the industry, NETSCOUT has a strong global partnership ecosystem. Our next-generation visibility solution together with NETSCOUT Smart Data provides our partners around the globe—including enterprises, communications service providers (CSPs), and government agencies—with the tools they need to successfully identify, improve, and resolve industry-specific business and mission-critical use cases.

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Agnes Mends Crentsil is a product marketing manager on NETSCOUT’S Technical Marketing team.