Pharmaceutical Leaders Under the Microscope

Examining their own network and application performance management strategies is critical for business continuity.

Pharmacist looking at her microscope

Pharmaceutical leaders always aim to stay ahead of the curve—researching, developing, and innovating while keeping pace with digital transformation. Because reliable network connectivity is absolutely critical, they must continuously put their own operations under the microscope for fine-tuning.

What’s Under the Lens
Continuous network and application performance management is at the crux of a successful business continuity strategy. Application degradations and breakdowns in unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) solutions negatively impact employee productivity. The connected ecosystem has also expanded, with the hybrid workforce including third-party-vendors in addition to customers and employees. Traditional working environments have been replaced by flexible hybrid work, making the expansive edge more difficult to monitor. IT and network operations (NetOps) teams with limited bandwidth lean on insights from automated network and application performance management solutions to prioritize high-impact initiatives. 

Furthermore, the 2021 State of Pharmaceuticals and Cybersecurity Report found that 40 percent of businesses “experienced outages that affected productivity, safety, compliance, revenue, or brand image” over the12-month period surveyed. Reliable network connectivity has a clear impact on more than just the ability to work. 

The NETSCOUT Prescription

To help ensure secure and reliable connectivity, NETSCOUT solutions perform synthetic tests and analyze packet data to gain insight into user experience and ensure operational efficiency.

Pharmaceutical organizations are also tasked with maintaining secure, continuous records of sensitive information from sources ranging from research and development to clinical trials to daily operations. Simultaneously, they must consider compliance mandates for a sustained and secure document management system. NETSCOUT’s solutions provide end-to-end visibility to identify blind spots, root causes, and operational inefficiencies swiftly, thereby reducing mean time to resolve (MTTR) for pressing issues. With NETSCOUT solutions, companies are able to gain visibility as well as control.

Learn more about how pharmaceutical organizations ensure continuous network and application performance management with NETSCOUT solutions.