According to Nemertes Research, over the last four months, Zoom has experienced a 350 percent customer increase, as businesses, universities, and K-12 schools increasingly rely on the communications service. From business meetings to virtual classrooms, this platform has become the new reality to conduct business and deliver education. 

Zoom Daily Meeting Participants - Chart

Depending on network configurations, enterprise IT has recognized that Zoom adds traffic across their ISP/VPN links. The added volume can impact the capacity of this expensive resource, which in turn can create a bottleneck for all user application usage. The other application activity across this part of the enterprise network can also degrade performance quality for Zoom users.

Learn how NETSCOUT’s approach to the end-user experience, application performance, and service assurance monitoring is built on a foundation of high-quality data and real-time analytics uniquely designed to ensure availability and operational efficiency for services like Zoom.

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Haggerty is associate vice president, product and solutions marketing, NETSCOUT

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