Optimizing Application Performance for a Multicloud World

End users expect flawless application performance, making application visibility and troubleshooting a top priority

Optimizing Application Performance for a Multicloud World

Next-gen infrastructures such as multicloud environment are foundational elements for success in a digital world. Indeed, a  recent study found that more than half of respondents tapped hybrid and multicloud deployments as their preferred data center architecture. However, in order to get the most from cloud, companies must also build an effective performance management strategy that works across multicloud environments. For many, this will require some significant changes in how deploy and support applications.

The VMware NSX environment is a key element here, as it allows organizations to consistently and securely automate application and network deployment across the virtualized infrastructure. NSX is truly game-changing, providing simplified management, micro-segmentation security, provisioning agility, and improved data center economics. By providing accelerated service velocity, enhanced security, and rapid disaster recovery, this advanced environment delivers on the promise of successful data center transformation. 

Solving Fragmented Visibility

One of the biggest obstacles to multicloud success lies in the lack of visibility into application dependencies and end-user experience across different environments. Unfortunately, most businesses rely on a grab-bag of application and network performance monitoring tools that use fragmented, low-resolution data. This, in turn, creates blind spots, making it difficult for IT organizations  to precisely identify the root cause of a performance issue. Instead, business and technology teams, along with key providers, find themselves playing the blame game.

What is truly needed to get the job done—and minimize end-user impact—is a service assurance solution that eliminates such gaps and blind spots, providing end-to-end visibility that can scale across VMware ESX, NSX, and SD-WAN deployments, including multicloud environments.

A Platform Approach

Effectively managing risk and building next-gen platforms for digital transformation requires companies to apply an equally innovative strategy for application performance monitoring and troubleshooting.  For this, you need an advanced visibility and troubleshooting analytics platform that provides continuous, unified, reliable data to identify potential risks and performance status of applications and workloads, regardless of whether they reside on physical servers, software, or public-cloud instances.

NETSCOUT fills this urgent need. By offering an early warning system, NETSCOUT can rapidly pinpoint application- and service-level performance risks and enable real-time triage to resolve problems. As a certified Advanced VMware Technology Alliance Partner, NETSCOUT has extended its leading visibility and troubleshooting analytics platform to the NSX environment.

Supporting the NSX-T environment

As a strategic VMware partner, NETSCOUT is fully committed to supporting the virtualized NSX-T environment, providing application troubleshooting as businesses elastically expand and migrate their most mission-critical applications, regardless of the cloud provider or platform.

NETSCOUT's single pane of glass offers seamless visibility into underlying service dependencies that enables IT teams to more effectively manage health, availability, security, and user experience issues across their NSX data centers. With data center transformation on the line, NETSCOUT is an important contributor to deployment success in the NSX environment.

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