As more and more organizations take a digital-first approach, the need to develop strategic solutions through long-term IT collaboration using native integrations becomes even more critical. Such solutions can provide a critical competitive advantage, especially for enterprises that deploy a software-defined approach across data centers, multi-cloud architectures, and application frameworks to achieve operational efficiencies.

According to IDG’s annual survey of 741 IT decision-makers, 93 percent of organizations said they’re pursuing a digital business strategy, and with good reason: “Digitally transformed businesses are more efficient, responsive, and profitable than traditional businesses, in large part because so much of their operation is automated.”

NETSCOUT and VMware have long supported such digital strategies via a partnership that focuses on developing high-performance application and network monitoring solutions that help companies successfully deliver applications within transformed data centers, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud architectures.

Partnering for the future

Now, the two companies have taken another step to help enterprises break down the barriers to automated application deployment in a virtualized network. NETSCOUT vSTREAM is now available as a native solution within the VMware NSX environment. Together, VMware NSX and NETSCOUT vSTREAM create a virtual infrastructure that can run on any application in any cloud environment with full high-fidelity visibility and consistent security.

Previously, IT teams had to use cobbled-together solutions that provided limited visibility, making it difficult to identify the cause of service and application disruptions. As a result, companies found it harder to successfully deploy and run the automated applications so necessary for digital transformation.

Through our relationship with VMware, we are certified for NSX environments. We provide network visibility and security in NSX Data Centers with our next-generation vSTREAM software, which leverages Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology to convert high-value network packets into smart data in real time. The smart data is consumed by NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE® Service Assurance platform to deliver smart analytics to address challenging application and service assurance issues.

By leveraging these solutions, enterprise IT teams gain unrivaled visibility into business services, along with contextual workflows that speed problem resolution via an overarching view into the performance characteristics of applications and the user experience. IT teams can more effectively manage health, availability, security, and user experience issues across NSX environments.

As a visionary and committed VMware partner, we have the experience and resources to help enterprises migrate to VMware NSX environments, minimizing the disruptions that can come with digital transformation.

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