As one of the most popular public clouds today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is built to support a new breed of distributed, connected applications designed to help businesses cut time to market and improve customer satisfaction. However, to reap the full benefits of AWS in a hybrid cloud world, companies need to rethink how they approach security.

Here’s why: As organizations migrate workloads to the cloud, infrastructure becomes more complex. To combat an increase in the attack surface and exposure to threats, enterprises need visibility that does not begin and end at each physical boundary. Existing domain-specific tools can’t fill the huge monitoring gap, because they are unable to deliver seamless, uniform visibility and common situational awareness across SecOps, NetOps, and ITOps teams, which collectively are responsible for defending against threats that span cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments.

Strengthening security and reducing business risk, therefore, requires going beyond traditional cloud security to control incoming and outgoing traffic. A shared-responsibility security model requires a smart platform that illuminates threats everywhere, anywhere, and anytime.

Join experts from AWS and NETSCOUT in a new webinar to learn how the two partnered to deliver a new foundation for hybrid cloud security. NETSCOUT Omnis Cyber Investigator with AWS Security Hub exposes risks that exist in hybrid cloud interdependencies by transforming network traffic and global threat intelligence feeds into smart data while decreasing operational overhead and providing efficiencies in security-threat mitigation.

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