NETSCOUT Shines a Light on the Journey to NFV with the Latest Frost & Sullivan Award

Frost & Sullivan recently chose NETSCOUT for its service provider solutions award for Visionary Innovation Leadership in the Network Data Analytics Industry.

Shine a Light

Imagine launching a temporary 5G network to cover a global event with the push of a button. The network functions virtualization (NFV) promise to carriers in 2013 was to do just that; change the way networks functioned to benefit the carrier with lower cost, and simpler operations. Deploy new networks and services in a fraction of the time it took to build out networks in the 2000s. How these new networks would be monitored and managed was yet to be explained. As network operators worked to trial and deploy these NFV networks, there has been little in the way of savings. On the contrary, complexities, operations costs, and individual challenges have risen to new levels leaving operators to wonder, who is in control. Operators are now demanding vendors transform to align with carrier’s goals to ensure success. In this unique environment, network vendors must develop solutions that help network operators reduce operations costs while accelerating new service offerings such as 5G and IoT. 

Partnering with a vendor who understand this new way of operating is key to obtaining the confidence needed to stay in control, streamline operations, and accelerate the launch of new services. On the journey to realizing the 2013 NFV dream, network operators need service assurance solutions to help them connect the dots, to provide full visibility of services on the hybrid network. These solutions must be the auditors of the customer experience, as well as the providers of unique insights.

According to Frost & Sullivan, these vendors are categorized as “Visionary Innovation Leaders”. Visionary innovators not only help improve business performance, but they also help improve the management processes for individuals.

This is precisely what NETSCOUT strives to do for its customers, and this is the reason why Frost & Sullivan recently chose NETSCOUT for its service provider solutions award for Visionary Innovation Leadership in the Network Data Analytics Industry. “Continuing on its future-focused strategy to disaggregate hardware from software in its offering, NETSCOUT delivers tremendous value to customers, service providers, and network equipment manufacturers. With the development of ASI’s Smart Data technology, and solutions such as nGeniusONE and nGenius Business Analytics (nBA), NETSCOUT enables its customers to cost-effectively convert network traffic into Smart Data, and facilitate its consumption, providing carrier class analytics and insights,” said Jessy Cavazos, Industry Director for Measurement & Instrumentation at Frost & Sullivan.

“NETSCOUT has transformed its business by reshaping and expanding our offering into a software-centric, feature-rich portfolio of Smart Data solutions. Today, our software-based Smart Data instrumentation and analytics can cost effectively address a broad range of use cases spanning from network assurance to application assurance, security, and customer experience. This award from Frost & Sullivan is a recognition of NETSCOUT’s transformation and validation of our software and Smart Data strategy. It would not have been possible without the tireless commitment of our employees to our customers and to each other,” said Anil Singhal, president and chief executive officer, NETSCOUT.

This transformation is part of redesigning NETSCOUT as a vendor, who aligns itself to network operators’ goals. NETSCOUT will continue to shine a light for carriers, providing complete visibility on the road to the NFV promise.

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