NETSCOUT Launches New Visibility Without Borders Platform

Unrivaled deep-packet inspection at scale helps enterprises realize the full benefits of digital transformation on a single platform.

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In the most recent Technology Spending Intentions survey from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), nearly all survey respondents (91 percent) indicated their organizations have digital transformation projects underway. When it came to the top areas of spending by their organizations, respondents identified cybersecurity, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

Driven by a host of reasons—among them, workforce changes following the pandemic, customer demand, revenue opportunities, competitive pressure, and cost efficiencies—digital transformations are not only underway, but in many cases have been accelerated. In turn, many organizations face technology challenges as they embark on and operate through these evolutions.

Overcoming Transformation Issues

It is the ability to cut through the complexity, fragility, and risk that comes with these technology challenges that makes it possible for organizations to realize the value and achieve the goals originally intended. Some of the issues facing organizations throughout digital transformations can include:

  • Complexity. IT organizations today are dealing with more complex environments than ever before. They have hundreds and thousands of applications hosted in private data centers, colocations, the cloud, and software-as-a-service/unified-communications-as-a-service (SaaS/UCaaS) environments being accessed by a hybrid workforce—all of which make performance, availability, and security a challenge.
  • Loss of control. As services and infrastructure migrate off-premises and into the control of third-party vendors, IT organizations may lose control over that part of the ecosystem, making it more challenging to assure quality delivery to end users.
  • Absence of skilled IT personnel. As IT organizations introduce new technologies into their ecosystems, they must quickly ramp up their knowledge to ensure seamless deployment and ongoing production-level quality is delivered. New-technology education is a challenge at any time, but in times of skilled IT personnel shortages, it is even more difficult.
  • Ever-expanding threat landscape. As the enterprise infrastructure expands and bad actors increase in number and sophistication, those actors are taking advantage of more vulnerabilities than ever, particularly in new digital technologies.
  • Gaps in performance and availability visibility.  Higher-speed infrastructures, hybrid cloud environments, and multiple third-party vendors in new technology areas have created blind spots in what originally was a well-designed network and application monitoring strategy.

Working with a Smart Platform

NETSCOUT’s Visibility Without Borders platform is helping enterprises, government agencies, and service providers preserve business operations throughout their ever-transforming environments by uniting performance, cybersecurity, and availability capabilities under a common data framework. Smart Data intelligence, the real-time metadata derived from deep-packet inspection in this platform, is necessary to improve visibility, enhance agility, and maintain data and application security.

To learn more about how NETSCOUT uniquely delivers unrivaled, innovative visibility for performance, security, and availability to help any organization realize the full benefits of digital transformation on a single platform, read our recent press release.

Learn more about how NETSCOUT uniquely delivers visibility to help organizations realize the full benefits of digital transformation on a single platform.