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Gain continuous application monitoring with nGenius Enterprise Performance Management.

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Roughly 345 million people currently are using Microsoft Office 365 on a regular basis. It is one of the most widely used business services regardless of industry or working location. Because of this, the impact of downtime is tremendous for organizations that rely on the consistent availability and quality performance of Office 365 and similar critical business services for smooth daily operations.

In today’s hybrid work environment, organizations take advantage of Office 365 to collaborate not only via applications such as Microsoft Teams but also via Microsoft services such as SharePoint online and OneDrive for Business. With so many users in the hybrid workforce leveraging Office 365, the potential to experience performance issues increases. Hybrid workers have become no strangers to connectivity issues and downtime as the workplace has evolved. When critical applications such as Office 365 are unavailable, there is often a shift in mentality to “pack up and try again tomorrow” rather than seething in frustration while waiting for services to restore.

Because of this, it is imperative to have continuous, end-through-end visibility into an organization’s entire digital ecosystem. The ability of IT teams to evaluate user experience, availability, and performance from any working location has become critical. Swiftly analyzing the interrelationships between different service delivery elements becomes essential to reducing mean time to repair (MTTR). Quickly identifying bandwidth bottlenecks or poor Wi-Fi performance could ensure a highly productive workday for employees.

NETSCOUT’s Performance Management Solution

NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management provides organizations with the visibility they need to quickly identify the true root cause of slowdowns, isolate the issue, and troubleshoot effectively to reach a resolution with minimal negative user impact. NETSCOUT’s smart visibility extends beyond on-premises environments to cover cloud, co-lo, virtual, and wireless environments. Our patented Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) generates what we call Smart Data, which helps analyze the user experience with and performance of Office 365 services and not only identify degradations but proactively prevent slowdowns in the future. With the hybrid workforce empowered more than ever before to work productively in any environment, NETSCOUT solutions provide proactive visibility into the performance of their critical software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and business services.

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