IDC Spotlight: Digital Experience Management

Heightening insights and impact at the client edge.

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A recent IDC Spotlight report by Mark Leary highlights the influences of quality performance for workers in remote locations, be they branch offices, regional corporate buildings, or home offices. As systems have moved closer to these client edges, delivering and assuring consistent, reliable service levels has become more complicated. 

It is true that user experience is an indicator of success for digital transformations. However, that success may look different depending on where workers do their job—at home, in a branch office, or elsewhere—and the infrastructure supporting them—cable broadband or SD-WAN, for example. When organizations have hundreds or even thousands of remote employees to support, the variety of network configurations may be virtually limitless. The resulting complexity impacts how IT organizations go about assuring quality service delivery to end users.

The Spotlight report “Digital Experience Management: Heightening Insights and Impact at the Client Edge” provides several points of consideration for enterprises planning to measure, monitor, and manage their users’ digital experience, sharing thoughtful considerations for assuring digital user experience, regardless of where your employees perform their jobs.

To explore more on this topic, download the IDC Spotlight.