How 5G Automation Unlocks Efficiency

Is Automation the Answer for the 5G Labor Shortage?

The transition to 5G leads to new complexities and is made even more challenging by the ongoing labor shortage in telecommunications.

Heather Broughton, Associate Vice President of Communications Service Provider Product Marketing at NETSCOUT, recently wrote an article discussing this issue and providing insights into how automation can help operators solve it.

Among the topics she addresses are:

  • The lack of skilled maintenance and operations crews communication service providers (CSPs) need
  • How using automation tools can manage 5G complexities, prioritize employee focus, and reduce downtime
  • The end-to-end visibility and monitoring CSPs need in order to find success with the automation of their 5G standalone (SA) network

In the transition to 5G, CSPs have invested billions of dollars in building their infrastructure and virtualizing key components. With automated tools that offer improved, end-to-end visibility across a network, CSPs can focus their attention—and their limited resources—on only the most important tasks.

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Learn how to gain end-through-end visibility for 5G services.