Hospital Lowers MTTR with Visibility as a Service

Need for quick time to value combined with staff labor shortages made VaaS a life saver.

Male doctor in white lab coat sitting at desk with laptop and clipboard

The last 6 to 12 months have presented surprises in employment rates, opportunities, and job changes. The “Great Resignation” that has emerged following record layoffs and unemployment at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique situation for those seeking new positions and financial rewards. When 4.5 million people resigned in March 2022, there were 11.5 million openings for them to consider as alternatives.

Consider specifically that the unemployment rate for information technology (IT) is 1.3 percent, according to CompTIA—which is about one-third of the current national unemployment rate of 3.6 percent. In fact, over the first five months of 2022, tech position postings have continued to rise, reaching new highs in May to total 2.2 million posts so far this year. Compared with the same period in 2021, this represents a 52 percent increase.

These IT organizations are getting back to projects that digitally transform their companies and organizations, and at 92 percent, healthcare is one of the top technology adopters here in the U.S.

Managed Services Fill Gaps and Add Value

Enterprise organizations and IT teams have picked up the pace of their digital transformation initiatives as their employees return to offices. Cloud migrations, data center transformations, SD-WAN deployments, and software-as-a-service/unified-communications-as-a-service adoption are all top projects with funding, strategic plans, target launch timelines, and performance expectations.

Talk to any IT leader, and that person will reflect on these projects and their criticality, the need to get them implemented quickly to take advantage of efficiencies and potential revenue or customer support they will bring, and the visibility at the executive levels to scrutinize the success and value of the investments in these projects. With many organizations also adding performance and user experience assurance solutions to monitor the digital transformations, the same drivers exist: speed of implementation, quick time to value, and optimization of all the monitoring and visibility capabilities the solution has to offer.

Managed services are one approach for addressing several of these needs and challenges. NETSCOUT, for example, offers NETSCOUT Visibility as a Service (VaaS) with a team of experts for deployment, configuration, and ongoing management of the NETSCOUT service assurance solutions. Collaborative efforts between VaaS experts and IT teams for troubleshooting, reporting, and planning make a demonstrable difference in mean time to restore (MTTR) services, cost-effective capacity planning, and proactive early warning of potential issues to avoid broader impact.

With continuous eyes on its network 24/7, one large healthcare organization is gaining quick time to value for its application performance management and user experience assurance solution that is helping to drive success for digital transformation projects while relieving IT staff to focus on other critical activities.

Learn more about how NETSCOUT’s Visibility as a Service is helping this healthcare organization reduce time to value for its investment in the NETSCOUT nGeniusONE service assurance solution.