Local governments such as state, provincial, county, parish, and city agencies have unique IT demands. Topping the list is the need to ensure the high quality access to digital services for constituent end users. This has its own challenges because of the virtually infinite paths digital activity can take for each constituent transaction—such as registering a car with the department of motor vehicles, paying taxes, or filing for unemployment.

As government agencies invest in digital transformations, operate their existing applications and data centers, or respond to natural disasters and pandemics, assuring the performance and availability of all their services, to employees and constituents, is the priority.

Assuring performance and availability of all the governments’ applications, given the breadth and variety of technologies involved, can be difficult, especially considering the complexity. See how this government agency implemented NETSCOUT’s service assurance for its critical, constituent-impacting services.

Read the Story: https://www.netscout.com/case-studies/government-agency-assures-user-experience

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