EMA Network Management Megatrends 2022

Navigating multicloud, IoT, and NetDevOps during a labor shortage.

Man and woman with laptop standing in server room pointing at holographic icons

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has published its “Network Management Megatrends 2022” report, with a focus on navigating multicloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and NetDevOps during a labor shortage. 

This biennial study benchmarks the state of enterprise network operations, relying on survey results from more than 400 IT organizations and one-on-one interviews with senior networking experts in Fortune 500 companies representing both North America (65 percent) and Europe (35 percent). Most of the companies were on the larger size, with employees numbering between 2,500 and 20,000 or more (62 percent had between 2,500 and 19,999; 7 percent had 20,000 or more).

EMA published its first research on network management megatrends in 2008, and data in this report covers first-time questions that recently have become important to address. The new report also returns to some questions that have been asked over the last few surveys which, where trended, provide interesting insight into the evolution of network technologies, management tactics, and best practices. 

This year’s study and report coincide with the broadest return to corporate “normalcy” since March 2020, when corporations faced business continuity challenges in the wake of a global pandemic that required many of their employees to remain at home. The report includes in-depth discussions of key megatrends that cover labor shortage issues, network operations and multicloud strategies, collaboration between network operations and development operations, and IoT and private 5G engagements. It also marks the first year that network operations teams called out public cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, and cloud-native application architectures as the most critical drivers of their network-management strategies.

Learn more about the report’s findings and conclusions, including what’s influencing network operations teams and network-management tool strategies, in the white paper “Network Management Megatrends 2022: Navigating Multi-Cloud, IoT, and NetDevOps During a Labor Shortage.”