Eliminate UC&C Blind Spots, Empower Workers, and Reduce Complexity

Gentlemen on headset in front of a laptop

For years, companies have relied heavily on unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) platforms and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) tools to connect their hybrid workers and maintain business continuity. While hybrid work models and flexible work plans have largely settled into a “new normal,” UCaaS investment continues to grow.

NETSCOUT recently released results of its third annual UC&C survey of 300 IT leaders at organizations with more than $1 billion in revenue. The report, “Unified Communications & IT: Platform Use Soars as Enterprises Adapt to the Hybrid Future,” revealed that 75 percent of respondents surveyed will continue to grow their UCaaS platform use in 2023. Reliance on UC&C tools emphasizes the importance of quality and reliable performance. Downtime and service interruptions such as latency, jitter, and packet loss disrupt the workforce and hinder productivity.

The survey, released earlier this year, highlights that almost 70 percent of respondents feel their IT organization will need at least a few hours, if not days, to resolve UC&C performance issues. This potential downtime can wreak havoc on productivity. Packet-based service triage and swift troubleshooting to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) is critical for restoring operations. 90 percent of MTTR is spent understanding the problem at hand, making mean time to knowledge (MTTK) one of the most important components of troubleshooting. This time can be reduced significantly with the help of targeted, scalable, vendor-independent visibility.

UCaaS performance issues can have a significant negative impact on businesses today, hindering productivity and leaving hybrid workers frustrated. The modern enterprise leveraging UCaaS and UC&C services should consider the following questions addressed in NETSCOUT’s recent survey:

  • What has your company experience with UCaaS been?How has it evolved over the past few years?
  • How many UCaaS applications are operating in your company’s environment?
  • What does your current hybrid workforce model look like?  How many helpdesk and troubleshooting tickets are opened for issues related to UCaaS or UC&C?
  • What types of problems are being reported frequently by users? How long does it take to resolve those issues?
  • How has your business and/or employee productivity been impacted by UCaaS or UC&C problems?
  • Could identifying the root cause of those issues faster be helpful to your organization?

With NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management, organizations can support their IT teams and, in turn, their hybrid workforce by leveraging a single monitoring platform to gain performance visibility and eliminate blind spots. By reducing multivendor complexity, improving troubleshooting processes, and preserving quality to facilitate workforce productivity, NETSCOUT assures network and application performance, security, and availability for every digital environment.

Learn more about the UC&C report findings by visiting our website or viewing the recording of NETSCOUT’s recent UC&C webinar.