Adaptive DDoS Defense for Service Providers

Timely and actionable threat intelligence is a must-have to combat today’s DDoS attack methods.


For providers of network services, maintaining network and service availability is paramount. Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are a constant reality that cannot be ignored. They have the ability to continuously disrupt your business and erode profits. Year after year, the size, frequency, and complexity of dynamic DDoS attacks continue to increase—and so too does the risk of downtime to you and your customers.

To protect you and your customers’ services from sophisticated, modern-day, multivector DDoS attacks, you must rely on an adaptive DDoS protection solution that bases its defense methodology on actionable threat intelligence and orchestrated mitigation.

Pervasive Network Visibility and Adaptable DDoS Attack Detection

Visibility across your entire network infrastructure is a fundamental requirement for DDoS protection. Network visibility and detection solutions capable of automatically identifying complex, multivector attacks and coordinating multiple methods of mitigation are required to defend against modern DDoS attacks.

Highly Scalable, Surgical Mitigation

The old days of simply blocking malicious traffic floods with access control lists or blackholing traffic are no longer adequate. An intelligent DDoS mitigation system (IDMS) that can stop all types of DDoS attacks including direct-path volumetric attacks, carpet-bombing attacks, state exhaustion, and application layer attacks that require advanced countermeasures is the new standard for effective DDoS defense methodologies. 

Intelligently Orchestrated Mitigation

Modern-day DDoS attacks can be very large, scaling to thousands of gigabits per second (Gbps) or hundreds of millions of packets per second (Mpps). They also can be extremely complex, delivering simultaneously 30 or more different attack vectors. Stopping these attacks takes multiple, simultaneous methods of mitigation and intelligent orchestration of those methods, including BGP Flowspec, IDMS, and even coordination with another ISP to provide optimized and controlled protection.

Network Architecture

With the goal of providing the best possible DDoS detection and mitigation service, careful thought should be applied to design the network for peak performance. Ensuring high-speed route convergence and distributed mitigation at the network edge will enable the most timely, effective, and efficient DDoS detection and mitigation, resulting in an optimal end-user experience.

Actionable Threat Intelligence

Industry-leading products alone aren’t enough. To defend yourself from the latest DDoS threats, you need timely threat intelligence. That’s why the entire NETSCOUT Arbor DDoS attack protection portfolio is continuously armed with global threat intelligence and expertise from ASERT, our team of security analysts, and researchers who are constantly analyzing active DDoS attacks across the global internet. Our ATLAS global sensor network currently monitors more than 420 terabits per second (Tbps) of internet traffic. ASERT knows more about DDoS attack activity and best practices in defense than any other security practitioners.

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