White Paper

Rethinking User Experience on the Edge

The Corporate Network in the Work-from-Home Era

The pandemic has driven organizations around the world to shift their employees to work from home (WFH). With this move come complex technology challenges, as these organizations struggle to maintain a high-quality user experience, both for customers as well as employees. Traditional networking technologies aren’t up to the task. Modern IT shops must leverage a next generation of tooling to provide the necessary WFH user experience, and to manage and secure it as well.

Shifting to the next generation of technology is only a part of the struggle. Organizations must also move to a new way of thinking about the corporate network, as traditional hub-and Spoke architectures give way to the more powerful and flexible, but more complicated edge computing model.

In this whitepaper from Intellyx, learn about:

  • Bringing the network to the edge
  • The importance of user experience in the WFH era
  • Strategies for managing and securing the network