White Paper

A Smarter Way to Monitor the Cloud Before and After Migrations

Organizations are striving to implement digital transformations at an unprecedented rate. According to IDC reports, during the January – March 2020 quarter, while non-cloud-based spending was down more than 16%, cloud infrastructure spending increased 2.2%. A survey by MariaDB revealed that 40% of enterprises reportedly were fast-tracking cloud-based initiatives in response to the pandemic. In order to realize the benefits of these innovations, organizations need to ensure application performance and user experience with these services are optimized – before and after migrations occur.

In this whitepaper learn about:

  • The challenges facing enterprise organizations in high-profile, business-impacting, and end-user affecting migrations.
  • Recommendations on a smarter approach to gain end-thru-end visibility to monitor, measure and remediate user experience and performance issues across complex, multi-cloud environments.
  • How NETSCOUT’s Smart Edge Monitoring solution’s transformative approach dramatically changes the way organizations plan, deliver, integrate, test, and deploy services and applications in the cloud, accelerating their digital transformations.