As digital transformation continues to accelerate, more and more businesses are relying on the cloud to deliver services and optimize processes that define their competencies. But as they do this, the IT environment grows in complexity.

  • Workloads move between on-premises data centers, private- and public-clouds.
  • Microservices are used to refactor existing applications and develop new ones that utilize short-lived workloads in virtualized and containerized environments.
  • Managing service performance and security of digital assets is more challenging.

IT teams require faster, wider, and deeper visibility “without borders” into all the services and their dependencies. When this happens, they can assure a delightful user experience, protect the business from threats and respond rapidly when things break.

NETSCOUT enables you to deliver the best user experience and protect your business from threats and vulnerabilities through continuous monitoring of packet data (IP traffic flows). By turning packet data into smart data at its point of collection, NETSCOUT helps assure service performance and deliver threat analytics at the highest possible speed and quality. NETSCOUT solutions for AWS have already demonstrated value making it possible for IT and SecOps to use innovative smart data technology to assure application performance and improve enterprise security across on-premise data centers and AWS cloud infrastructure. The introduction of Amazon VPC traffic mirroring functionality augments NETSCOUT’s solutions for AWS by offering an efficient way to acquire packet data and deliver visibility “without borders” into applications and security in AWS hybrid cloud environments before, during and after workload migration to AWS cloud.

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AWS Commercial and GovCloud Marketplace

NETSCOUT offers its Enterprise Performance Management and Advanced NDR solutions in AWS Marketplace.

Key Benefits

Accelerate deployments of services

Accelerate deployments of services into AWS while assuring business continuity.

Achieve end-user experience objectives

Achieve end-user experience objectives and swift issue resolution for application services with Smart Data and smart analytics from NETSCOUT.

Empower collaboration between enterprises and AWS

Empower collaboration between enterprises and AWS as they work together to achieve business goals.

Quick time to value

Quick time to value with easy to deploy and easy to manage approach of services available on AWS Marketplace.

The NETSCOUT approach gives you not only timely early warning but also rapid problem triaging for both network and application performance, and security threat management. By leveraging packet data, NETSCOUT application performance management for AWS with nGeniusONE and vSTREAM offer deep and consistent insight in any IT environment including public- or private-clouds, legacy networks, bare metal or virtual servers, and any workload.

By establishing service reliability and responsiveness baselines in the data center, you can assure consistent performance of applications, compute, network, and storage workloads migrated to the AWS cloud. Plus, quickly detect and resolve application and service performance problems without modifying existing workflows.

To effectively respond to a cyber-attack or other threats and vulnerabilities, NETSCOUT’s Arbor Threat Analytics (ATA) platform offers you an early warning and a quick triage system that provides you with the information you need to quickly resolve business-impacting issues. ATA uses the same smart data generated by vSTREAM based on continuous traffic flow analysis.

With NETSCOUT, you get a single pane of glass view into service performance, threats and vulnerabilities and don’t need a different tool for each deployment. By using packet data as NETSCOUT’s common data source, NETSCOUT monitors services that run across AWS cloud, on-premises data centers and private clouds.

The Amazon VPC traffic mirroring functionality is available today. Request a demo of NETSCOUT Application Performance Management with traffic mirroring in AWS to find out how you can accelerate continuous deployments plus assure application reliability, availability and responsiveness for hybrid clouds.

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AWS Marketplace is an online store that helps enterprise organizations find, buy, and immediately start using a flexible and cost-effective application performance management solution for AWS environments.

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