Are your roaming revenue streams in jeopardy?

With increased roaming and interconnect traffic, operators strive to maintain a cost-effective, high-level Quality-of-Service (QoS). Issues, including roaming partner selection, service delivery cost, potential revenue stream loss, and the quest for profitable premium traffic, can impact the bottom-line.

Roamers expect a seamless experience

Roamers expect a seamless experience when they arrive at their destination. They don't care who provides that experience. All too often revenue is jeopardized because outbound roamers land on a network for which no partnership agreement is in place or, network issues force inbound roamers onto a competitor’s network. Whether inbound or outbound, roaming revenue depends on the quality of partnerships and SLA agreements with peer carriers.

Hold partners accountable and reduce interconnection costs

The right partnerships and management are critical for optimal roaming and interconnection revenues. In order to hold partners accountable and reduce costs, you need to focus on monitoring the QoS being provided by interconnection carrier suppliers.. This means gaining a more complete view of the signaling network’s interconnection calling activity (ISUP/VoIP) and mobility (MAP/CAP) services.


Service providers need targeted monitoring and troubleshooting applications that can help them make more proactive routing decisions, increase call completions, optimize network resources and provide the best value combination of price and quality.

Support roaming hub and transit analysis, maximize profitability

NETSCOUT’s best-in-class roaming solution delivers precise visibility into subscriber roaming performance issues, enabling proactive performance assessment. Our solution allows you to steer outbound roamers to the best and most profitable carrier services, while maximizing inbound roaming minutes of use (MOU) from visiting subscribers. NETSCOUT helps guarantee that you and your roaming partners are meeting SLAs with detailed reports on signaling traffic for voice, SMS, data and other key performance indicator (KPI) definitions.

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NETSCOUT service assurance for roaming and interconnect

  • Enables you to deliver a seamless roaming experience

  • Protects roaming revenue by helping you make more proactive routing decisions

  • Ensures adherence to partnership agreements and SLAs via reporting based upon specific QoS KPIs

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Quickly Isolate Resolution of Subscriber Issues and Improve MTTK

NETSCOUT’s nGeniusOne tools helped this provider accelerate MTTK, improve Overall Subscriber Success Ratio, and reduce initial triaging time by 80%.

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Reduce Lead Time and Fix Inbound Roaming Issues within 5 Minutes

Resolve inbound roaming issues within 5 Minutes and accelerate resolution of roaming traffic failures through early detection.

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Roaming for World Events

Ensuring your success with world events.

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Roaming and Interconnect

Maximize productivity and protect roaming and interconnection business profitability.

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