Support Customers Anywhere

Retail specific applications, including CRM, POS, Inventory Management among others may have been developed in-house or acquired from service vendors. These applications are getting more complicated with the need to support new payment methods and provide hybrid shopping experiences.

Hybrid shopping isn’t just a buzz word - customers are accessing in-depth information about a product on their mobile device even while they are in-store looking at the product. Maintaining performance of these retail services and networks in the shadow of regulatory compliance requirements demands visibility with Netscout nGeniusONE solution.

nGeniusONE service dashboard for retail
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Focal Areas

Point-of-Sale (PoS) Software

For some Retailers guest services are Point of Sale operations - see how this hospitality business used Netscout to improve their PoS performance.

Payment Processing Systems

nGeniusONE combined with InfiniStreamNG provide a retailer which offers 3rd party payment services the way to ensure transaction integrity.

Contact Center – Omnichannel Services

Contact centers for retail handle much more than voice traffic today, Omnichannel means contact management software, video chat, text chat and back end database access, etc.

Ensure your retail banking delivery with NETSCOUT.