Research, development, clinical trial testing, and manufacturing of life-saving drugs requires peak performance of the network and applications supporting pharmaceutical innovation. Digital transformation and the use of pharmaceutical applications have accelerated the drug approval process and streamlined operations for lengthy processes like clinical trials.

Applications like clinical trial management systems (CTMS) are critically important to the FDA regulation process. Application performance, availability and reliability are crucial to advancements in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Application Performance Management
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NETSCOUT Solutions for Clinical Trials

nGenius Enterprise Performance Management provides end-through-end visibility to support clinical trial operations.

Research & Development

NETSCOUT solutions provide real-time visibility and actionable insights into issues impacting supply chains, R&D, and data collection.

Clinical Trial Management Systems

CTMS performance is critical to manage patient history, contact, consent and permissions throughout clinical trial processes.


nGeniusONE and nGeniusPULSE are critical to monitoring digital user experience quality of telehealth portals and apps.

Drug Manufacturing

Consistent performance MES, CRM, and ERP enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to move drugs to production swiftly.

Ensure pharmaceutical application performance.