Key Insights into Multi-Cloud Healthcare Environments

NETSCOUT VaaS engineers are experienced in all areas related to the healthcare IT ecosystem, including data centers, server farms, network connectivity, configurations, infrastructure, business applications, and essential clinical applications, as well as how they are all typically deployed and customized.

Healthcare Environments with nGenius VaaS
Healthcare Environments with NETSCOUT VaaS - Healthcare networks operate 24 x 7 x 365. Scheduled downtime is hard to plan, unscheduled downtime can put patient treatment at risk. NETSCOUT VaaS expertise in clinical applications, healthcare specific devices and associated protocols and applications, and in hybrid cloud deployment models will help accelerate and improve troubleshooting and optimization.

NETSCOUT VaaS provides deep analysis and actionable recommendations to deliver quality healthcare IT services, including:

  • Reliability and availability of your electronic medical records applications enterprise-wide
  • IT environment trending and capacity planning
  • Network utilization tracking to help identify optimal downtime opportunities for planned upgrades and installations
  • Expert advice for migrations and SaaS applications issues


  • For an industry that never closes, augment internal IT staff with 24 x 7 x 365 managed service support
  • Configuration and set-up using best practices and delivering actionable insights for optimal performance of clinical, business, voice, video, and SaaS applications
  • Expertise and advice for managing network and application performance in the evolving digital healthcare ecosystem

In some cases when you have support for something, they don’t know your environment. With VaaS, they know where to go, what to do. They’re an extension of the team.

Medical Center IT Manager

NETSCOUT VaaS for Healthcare Focal Areas

Clinical Application Performance

NETSCOUT VaaS provides “hands-free,” managed service for essential clinical applications, including EHR, imaging, telemedicine, and prescription applications.

Healthcare Security and Availability

Best practices and advice to protect availability of healthcare services in compliance to HIMSS, HIPAA, and other government regulations.

Network Performance

Expertise in managing modern, complex, healthcare networks, from private data centers and member hospitals, to cloud and SaaS applications, to medical buildings and operating rooms.

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