Maintain Visibility Across Telemedicine Services

Critical healthcare applications like Telemedicine require real-time, continuous visibility anywhere for any service in healthcare. To optimize care coordination and delivery, health delivery organizations need to improve collaboration and bring together information, people, and processes across the health ecosystem.

Without continuous visibility across clinical applications and collaboration systems to ensure performance, overall care team satisfaction, performance, and patient satisfaction will be compromised.

How does NETSCOUT execute performance management for Telemedicine services? We focus on troubleshooting and triage of challenges that may impact clinicians and patients:

  • Before, During, and After a Visit with Healthcare Provider
  • Enabling Technology for Telemedicine Delivery and Support
  • Further Hospital and Patient Considerations
Enabling Technology for Telemedicine
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The NETSCOUT Solution

NETSCOUT closes visibility gaps that enable you to maintain high quality telemedicine visits while optimizing the performance of clinical applications. Benefits include:

  • Monitor the status of patient portals, validating both uptime and performance

  • Maintain critical views into the status of the web front end of systems

  • Support ePharmacy systems’ access and troubleshooting

  • Ensure seamless access to insurance and HSA (Health Savings Account) systems for billing

  • Proactively detect and mitigate DDoS attacks

  • Preserve secure, consistent access to patient record data through comprehensive EMR/EHR visibility

Enabling Technology for Telemedicine
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End-to-End Visibility

NETSCOUT ensures that clinical applications, like Telemedicine services, are securely running at peak performance to reinforce a highly collaborative environment for clinical care teams. This performance then contributes to positive patient experience.

Assure the quality delivery of healthcare through telemedicine with comprehensive visibility. NETSCOUT provides visibility to ensure telemedicine visits do not suffer from these types of challenges:

  • Running slow
  • Losing signal
  • Voice-only with lost video
  • Choppy video, dropping entire calls

However, while the visit between patient and clinician is pivotal, many moving pieces, integrations, and levels of interoperability must take place to support telemedicine overall. This growing complexity increases interrelationships and dependencies across service delivery components crossing telemedicine workflows.

Healthcare IT requires rapid triage to fix problems as telemedicine applications “reach-across” patient portals, EHR/EMR systems for patient records, and other applications, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

Contact NETSCOUT to protect your healthcare network.