Iris Session Analyzer

See And Hear The End-to-end Detail of Your Subscriber Sessions

Iris Session Analyzer (ISA) uncovers and analyzes the specific calls and sessions that fail to deliver required performance.

Who uses it

  • Network operations
  • Engineering
  • CTO / LAB engineers

Why it's used

  • Customer care escalations
  • Trouble ticket resolution
  • New service introduction
  • Network expansion


Reduce mean time for trouble ticket resolution

With ISA’s fully correlated end to end ladder diagrams and intelligent color coded failure analysis, you can easily inspect complex session flows to quickly identify trouble spots.

Gain the deepest level of visibility available to the market

Deep Packet Classification supports hundreds of unique application behaviors. You can drill well beyond the HTTP layer and identify how applications like Facebook are affecting your subscribers’ experience.

Improve workforce productivity

ISA allows users to create standard workflow templates that can be warehoused for use by the entire organization. These templates enable an efficient single step process for capturing, filtering and displaying only the data that is relevant to the troubleshooting process.

Bear or push the burden of proof

With integrated signaling and media analysis you can quickly identify if problems result from an issue with a network implementation, an equipment vendor’s fault, or an OTT application.

A tool for everyone

ISA provides simple visuals and media playback for the less experienced troubleshooter while delivering highly customizable protocol details for the network expert.

  • Success Story
  • White Paper
  • Data Sheet

Leading Central European provider selects NETSCOUT to assure exceptional voice network performance and quality.

In order to monitor and deliver high-quality service, Voice Operations wanted a scalable solution to be used across multiple countries, an efficient solution that consistently evaluates the same metrics.

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VoLTE Troubleshooting: Protect the Customer Experience

Empower your troubleshooting teams with Iris Session Analyzer.

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Prioritizing VoIP Quality

Meet Customer Expectations with an Integrated Media Troubleshooting Approach

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Iris Session Analyzer Application

Single, Optimized System Improves Productivity

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GeoSoft RAN: Empower Monitoring and Troubleshooting Teams

Quickly isolate and resolve congestion and interference problems.

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