Security Across Today's Digital Ecosystem

Cyberattacks are advancing faster than most can keep up, leaving enterprise networks more vulnerable than ever before —until now. Omnis™ Security is a platform for advanced threat analytics and response that complements your existing security stack, enabling you to detect inbound and outbound threats with unprecedented visibility for unmatched response time and mitigation.

Omnis Security: Full visibility across the ever-expanding size and complexity of today’s modern-day network.

Protect Your Network

The complexity of modern-day networks and the increased reliance upon cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and remote work and learning has expanded the threat surface and increased network vulnerabilities. The lack of holistic network visibility across cloud-based and on-premises environments makes it harder for cybersecurity teams to effectively detect, investigate and remediate threats.

Omnis In Action

Unlike SIEMs, EDR, or UBA security technologies, Omnis Security focuses on the quality and relevance of network traffic data to provide a complete, in-depth, and very highly available and agile data set surrounding any attacks against an organization.

Identify deep attack context and quickly assess the extent of the breach to isolate the risk

Remediate more quickly and accurately than using only non-network traffic data sources

Create vital forensic reports for law enforcement and support reporting obligations in government agencies and critical industries

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