Protecting Digital Infrastructure with NETSCOUT Omnis Cyber Intelligence

Watch this demo to see NETSCOUT’s Omnis Cyber Intelligence:

  • Provide comprehensive network visibility into north/south & east/west traffic traversing a hybrid-cloud environment consisting of an AWS instance and an internal network.
  • Conduct a highly contextual investigation of a cyberthreat that spans the hybrid-cloud environment.
  • Uses the results of this investigation to remediate the threat by blocking at the firewall or with using Arbor Edge Defense.
  • Integrate with Splunk SIEM.
Protecting Digital Infrastructure

As organizations migrate workloads to public cloud environments such as AWS, their network environment becomes more complex and their cyberthreat surface expands. Gaining proper visibility into the hybrid-cloud environment is critical for service assurance and cybersecurity purposes.

Today many organizations’ NetOps Teams use NETSCOUT ISNG and vSTREAM instrumentation to gain comprehensive visibility into a hybrid-cloud environment for solving network and application performance issues. This same instrumentation, which contains a wealth of enriched metadata and packets can also be used by the organization’s SecOps teams for cybersecurity use cases. This is done by using Omnis Cyber Intelligence. Omnis Cyber Intelligence leverages the comprehensive hybrid-cloud visibility, enriched metadata and packets offered by NETSCOUT ISNG/vSTREAM instrumentation to detect cyberthreats and conduct highly contextualized investigations to gain the confidence to remediate; including blocking at the firewall or at the network edge with NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense.

What is a hybrid-cloud protection?

Today, many organizations are migrating some of their once internally hosted applications or workloads to public cloud environment such as AWS. This combination of networks and applications running inside legacy data centers and in the public/private cloud, is known as a hybrid-cloud environment. Gaining comprehensive end-to-end visibility into this hybrid cloud environment is difficult, but required for proper service assurance and cybersecurity.

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Omnis Cyber Intelligence

Omnis Cyber Intelligence is an enterprise-wide network threat detection and risk investigation platform that helps reduce the impact of cyber threats on your business.

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