See Cybersecurity in Action!

Watch this demo to see NETSCOUT’s Omnis Security platform in action including:

  • Integration with an existing Splunk SIEM.
  • Omnis Intrusion Detection System detecting multiple cyberthreats.
  • Omnis Cyber Investigator used to conduct contextual investigations of cyberthreats using robust metadata and packets.
  • Arbor Edge Defense used to block inbound and outbound threats at the network edge.
Omnis in Action

NETSCOUT Omnis Security is a network detection and response platform that leverages NETSCOUT Smart Data to gain comprehensive network visibility for detection of cyberthreats; conduct highly contextualized investigations and block cyberthreats at the network edge.

What is Network Detection and Response (NDR)?

Network detection and response, also known as NDR, is a method of cyberthreat protection. Unlike endpoint detection and response, or EDR, which is technology deployed on devices like PCs or file servers, NDR uses the network packets and metadata for cyberthreat detection, investigation, and remediation. The advantage of NDR over EDR is that modern-day attackers routinely hide their tracks on endpoints, making EDR useless. After endpoint compromise, attackers must communicate over the network to attacker command and control and can’t hide from NDR solutions.

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Netscout Omnis Security

A Platform for Advanced Threat Analytics and Response

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