How to Optimize Your Multi-Cloud Environments

This demo video shows nGeniusONE in action, with troubleshooting workflows to help optimize, and triage service and application issues in the Hybrid Cloud including onprem VMware NSX, and AWS Cloud.

Watch this demo to see how:

  • NETSCOUT Smart Data provides visibility in Hybrid AWS and Onprem Environments
  • nGeniusONE discovers Service Dependency views to show how application workloads communicate across the hybrid deployment
  • Troubleshooting workflows relevant to the Network, DevOPS, and Cloud Teams to help pinpoint the root cause and resolve issues quickly.
  • Delivers automated alerts on application and network profiles to highlight issues going on in the hybrid environment.
Unified Communications & Collaboration Services

NETSCOUT smart data technology distills real-time, precise, and relevant intelligence from all connected applications and services, including their interactions. NETSCOUT's smart data fuels the end-to-end visibility and deep analytics needed by NetOps, SecOps, and ITOps to protect the enterprise, gain more control of service quality, and preserve the user experience in hybrid cloud environments.

NETSCOUT has partnered with VMware, AWS, and other cloud vendors to provide visibility for advanced application visibility.

 It’s what we call visibility without Borders. No matter where your workloads reside, NETSCOUT technology provides the critical visibility you need to troubleshoot application performance and availability issues, show services dependencies and pinpoint root cause, essential to resolve issues in these complex interconnected environments quickly.

What is Multi-Cloud?

Multi-cloud (also multicloud or multi cloud) is the use of multiple cloud computing and storage services in a single network architecture. This refers to the distribution of cloud assets, software, applications, and more across several cloud environments. With a typical multi-cloud architecture utilizing two or more public clouds as well as private clouds, a multi-cloud environment aims to eliminate the reliance on any single cloud provider or instance.

Multi-cloud management involves workload or application management in multi-cloud computing as information moves from one cloud platform to another. This requires an organization to possess an expertise in multiple cloud providers and complex cloud management.

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