How to Monitor CBRS 5G

Watch this demo for an introduction on how to use NETSCOUT Analytics solution to track and monitor Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)  5G subscriber activities.

Cable Providers & MSOs

An introduction on how to use NETSCOUT Analytics solution to track and monitor CBRS 5G subscriber activities. 

  • Using smart data from NETSCOUT instrumentation layer, nG1, nSA, and nBA provides visibility into the subscriber experience and allows for end-through-end trouble shooting with actionable intelligence.
  • Starting with NETSCOUT nG1, a notification on the performance dashboard initiates inquiry into a subscriber issue. 
  • Further investigation of root cause is determined to gain deeper insights from RAN to Core on subscriber session activities within the network. 
  • Finally, access to nBA provides insight into detailed subscriber journey inclusive of success and failed attempts. 

This video shows how easy it is, to trouble shoot 5G CBRS subscriber issues to root cause from RAN to Core as well as how to quickly gain actionable intelligence – all from a single pane of glass. 

With NETSCOUT Analytics solution and it is easy to follow workflows and drilldowns. Carriers can execute subscriber-based troubleshooting from a single pane of glass – using only one system, improve First Call to Resolution (FCS), and optimize the subscriber experience.

What is CBRS 5G?

While the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) can be used for 4G LTE, it is ideally suited to delivering fixed or mobile 5G new radio (5GNR). Specifically, CBRS can be employed by enterprise IT providers to build-out a private LTE network supporting large warehouse facilities, sports stadiums and remote mines.

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