Understanding Automated Voice Analytics

NETSCOUT's solutions can efficiently address the complexity of delivering voice services in the face of evolving 4G/5G and WiFi networks handovers, handset proliferation and software updates. Watch this video to learn about leveraging smart data for AI/ML-based voice analytics.

Automated Voice Analytics

Step-through an introduction to Automated Analytics Voice with click-through investigation of outlier and outcome dashboards.

NETSCOUT showcases an automated approach to analyzing voice metrics and performance with a focus on real-world business impacts for specific populations. Multi-layer Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based checklists leverage NETSCOUT domain expertise to identify variances in voice service performance.

With network and device complexity increasing, addressing mature voice services can benefit from automation as troubleshooting teams look to shorten investigation times and lower costs.

Maintaining and improving the customer experience with services delivered on complex networks requires domain knowledge in multiple disciplines with intimate understanding of the end aspects of voice service.

Automated Analytics Voice enables intelligent automation for VoIP and VoLTE services with intuitive discovery of business impacting events. The solution blends machine learning techniques with years of embedded domain knowledge to detect performance outliers impacting the business and simplify understanding of full voice call models.

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