How to Deploy Your 5G Network with Confidence

Watch this video to learn how to assess the status of 5G registration procedures and identify root cause for failures of EPS Fallback procedures in a 4G/5G network

Roll out your 5G network with confidence.

An overview of nGeniusOne and nGenius Session Analyzer dashboards with short drilldown workflows to support end-through-end proactive triage and troubleshooting for 5G procedures – Registration and EPS Fallback. 

NETSCOUT presents an in-depth approach to proactive investigation of 5G registration procedures to reveal status of initial session attachment, session management functions, and network functions (NF) to ensure interactivity with unique 5G network repository function (NRF).  

NETSCOUT solution also shows an end-through-end approach to determine root cause with subscriber voice calls during early 5G call establishment and when call transitions from 4G to 5G network to support reactive troubleshooting.

Similar to LTE attached and default bearer establishment flow, the User Equipment (UE) needs to register to the 5G network to receive authorization for 5G services to allow mobility tracking and reachability. By the same token, the coexistence of voice services needs to be managed by EPS Fallback to support 4G/5G voice calls.

With these capabilities, Carrier Service Providers (CSPs) can continue to use key performance indicators to track and measure network and subscriber activities to assure the quality of service and the subscriber experience.

nGeniusOne and nGenius Session Analyzer offers the end-through-end troubleshooting capabilities needed through a simple dashboard with proactive and reactive workflows to quickly determine outcomes and manage MTTR.

What is EPS Fallback?

EPS fallback enables phones to use the 5GC with NR prior to all needed voice features are in place in the phone and in NG-RAN and before the NG-RAN is dimensioned and tuned for voice. During call establishment the phone is moved from NR (5G) to LTE (4G) and the call is finally established on 5G. So, for an originating call: you dial on 5G but you talk on 4G.

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