Case Study

Taking It to the Edge

Two DDoS Mitigation Options; One Secure Solution


The Challenge

During a merger, an organization needs to choose between an edge DDoS defense or a centralized DDoS defense. 

The Solution 

With the help of the NETSCOUT Team organization realized the specific advantages to an orchestrated edge defense on operation of business critical applications. 

 The Results 

The organization was able to protect both networks in the merger while providing customers with better user experience. 

Customer Profile

This American telecommunications company completed a recent acquisition of another telco. Prior to the merger, the two companies had deployed two different DDoS attack mitigation strategies. Now together, our customer knew they needed to unify and implement one strategy across the board. Two senior executives who had each led one of the opposing strategies approached our Account Manager and asked, “Which strategy is better?” 

The Challenge

Telco B had deployed a centralized scrubbing model 

  • Advantage: This offered a large amount of mitigation capacity in a couple of locations, and the attacks were managed at the scrubbing centers. 
  • Disadvantage: Attack traffic had to be transported all the way across their network to get to a scrubbing center before being dropped, introducing additional latency and risk to transport links. 

Telco A had deployed an Edge-based strategy 

  • Advantage: Attack traffic was removed immediately from the network at the internet edge offering the best overall protection for the network. 
  • Disadvantage: The timeline of the project increased as mitigation devices were deployed in more physical locations. 

The Solution

Weighing the pros and cons and consulting with the NETSCOUT team, they ultimately chose the Edge-based strategy. With the increase in frequency and severity of DDoS attacks, Edge-based mitigation offers the best protection for their network and for their customers. With NETSCOUT’s Sightline and Threat Mitigation System (TMS) along with the NETSCOUT Sentinel solution for Orchestration, they were able to take advantage of the newest technologies while: 

  • Reducing the amount of load on the existing network. 
  • Increasing their mitigation capacity. 
  • Modernizing and better protecting their network. 

Most importantly to the executive team, this strategy provides their customers with the best user experience possible.


This telco always has their customers top of mind; and with this upgrade, they are providing an even better experience with more reliability, predictability, and even faster access.