Case Study

Global Contact Center Service Provider Assures High-Quality Experience with Visibility

Global Contact Center Service Provider Assures High-Quality Experience with Visibility


The Challenge
  • Contact Center business expansion calls for network visibility and business-agnostic performance analytics
  • New contract calling for combined largescale Data Center and Contact Center rollout prompting Executives to look for standardized visibility and voice management solution
The Solution
  • nGeniusONE® Service Assurance platform with UC&C smart analytics
  • InfiniStreamNG™ appliances with smart data technology
  • nGenius® packet flow switch appliances
  • nGeniusPULSE server with nPoints
The Results
  • Staffing deferment, infrastructure expense reduction, and reduced downtime for Call Center and Data Center environments
  • NETSCOUT inclusion in “bill of materials” for new deployments maximizes visibility and proactive monitoring, reduces IT toolsets

The NETSCOUT solution makes smart people smarter."

Organization’s Director of Infrastructure
Solutions Architecture

Customer Profile

This global Contact Center Services Provider (CCSP) delivers Call Center services to hundreds of worldwide clients, using numerous data center facilities around the world. The company’s client base includes global organizations focused on government, healthcare, financial services, communications, and travel & leisure businesses. In addition to Call Management and Contact Center Services, the company offers a proprietary customer engagement solution that factors human, digital, and automated touchpoints.

The company’s total business supports more than $3.5 million in daily financial transactions across six continents, with more than 45,000 Customer Service Agents working to help the CCSP earn an 85% rating for customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

As the CCSP had increased their market share in the last few years, they also improved delivery capacity by increasing the number of company-owned Data Center and Call Center locations in their network, while also making the strategic decision to take advantage of regional third-party co-location facilities that allow them to more quickly establish Contact Center platforms for new clients.

As part of their ongoing business expansion, the company’s Infrastructure Solutions Architecture (ISA) team was able to take advantage of lessons learned with earlier customers to better standardize on a bill of materials (BOM) for new Contact Center clients. In wanting to extend this BOM concept, IT similarly wanted to standardize on the visibility and monitoring platform they were using for these new Contact Center clients. The team had earlier realized quick advancements in improving voice infrastructure performance for previous Call Center clients by using a production-level NETSCOUT nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform for Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C), network, and application performance management.

At issue: a new Contact Center engagement involved establishing 11 Call Centers and 2 major Data Centers that would support thousands of incoming calls. As a result, the Executive Team was looking for internal guidance on how best to move forward with deploying a visibility and real-time monitoring solution for this new environment. As a result, the ISA team was asked to submit a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis ratifying their position that the nGeniusONE platform and NETSCOUT smart visibility solution should be the de facto Service Assurance solution for all current and future Contact Center customers.

Solution in Action

The ISA team was able to secure the company’s endorsement of the nGeniusONE platform as part of the “build” for future Call Center deployments for new clients by pointing to the results they had been receiving with NETSCOUT, including:

  • Reducing IT points of contact (POCs) and hours spent resolving IT tickets: With nGeniusONE, ISA’s research demonstrated Severity 1 and 2 level tickets were being closed in 10 hours rather than 72 hours and involving just 10 POCs rather than 25. These improved processes were used to close out 85% of all tickets and reflected an 83% reduction in mean-time-to-remediate (MTTR) from pre-NETSCOUT processes.
  • IT Tool Reduction: By standardizing on NETSCOUT for their initial customer Call Center deployments, the ISA team was able to demonstrate infrastructure expense reductions of hundreds of thousands of dollars. As the company’s Call Center deployment instances would only increase for new customers, it was easy to extrapolate how these types of savings would be realized by standardizing on the NETSCOUT build.
  • Reduced downtime instances: Based on their research, ISA indicated the NETSCOUT solution had saved the company more than $1 million in application performance degradation and downtime in the first years of nGeniusONE operation.

Based on ratifying the nGeniusONE solution in this manner, all new CCSP customer builds will include the following NETSCOUT Service Assurance solution elements in the official bill of materials:

  • nGeniusONE, offering real-time performance analytics for UC&C, application, network services, and next-generation cloud and virtual platforms.
  • InfiniStreamNG appliances with NETSCOUT Adaptive Service Intelligence technology are installed in data center and contact center locations, converting network data into smart data in real time for views and analysis by nGeniusONE.
  • nGenius packet flow switch appliances provide centralized network aggregation management, as well as storage required for forensic analysis.
  • The nGeniusPULSE server with nPoints solution is used to remotely test the network infrastructure connectivity at remote client locations

The company is delivering higher-quality Contact Services to customers, with the nGeniusONE platform and NETSCOUT smart data supporting the use of real-time Client Service Card views providing at-a-glance views of health for all CCSP services being delivered to that customer. These Service Cards help technical delivery resources recognize emerging UC, network, and application service issues and identify a solution before the need to open an IT ticket arises – which translates to fewer tickets to resolve and reduces the company’s POC cycles that would have otherwise been engaged in War Rooms to close those tickets.

The Results

The company’s return on investment with NETSCOUT includes staffing deferment, infrastructure expense reduction, and reduced downtime. As a result, the Executive Team and IT Leadership see the NETSCOUT solution as an essential element in helping deliver high-quality Contact Services to their growing client base.

The CCSP has been able develop a technical roadmap to on-board new Contact Center customers, building upon the successes delivered across the business by nGeniusONE. In leveraging a multi-year business partnership with NETSCOUT, the company has benefited from recommended practices guidelines on how to best instrument customer locations and company-owned Data Centers and Co-Lo facilities for smart visibility.