Preparing for the Next Wave of 5G/IoT Innovation

Preparing for the Next Wave of 5G/IoT Innovation
Agnes Mends-Crentsil

It is no secret that digital transformation strategies, along with innovative technologies such as 5G and Internet of Things (IoT), are accelerating many changes in the modern IT network.

For many companies, reaping the full benefits of 5G and IoT is a balancing act. They must continue to deliver flawless services across existing networks while migrating to cloud-native environments that support a dynamic, high-speed 5G network with billions of IoT-connected devices, including a new wave of virtual networking such as network slicing.

5G is not 4G, but faster. Previous technology cycles, such as the switch from 3G to 4G, focused more on benefits such as improved customer experience with mobile devices. However, 5G offers enterprises the opportunity to improve throughput, latency, and reliability at the network’s edge. It will elevate the user experience in many industry verticals, from telemedicine in healthcare to education (immersive learning with AR/VR), 5G banking (personalized and touchless services), and manufacturing (robotics)

The interview covers trending issues around beneficiaries of the next generation of business services and complexities in supporting innovation in any modern IT network.

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Mends-Crentsil is a product marketing manager at NETSCOUT