Optimize VDI User Experience

Monitor infrastructures and applications at scale with NETSCOUT.

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Saagar Popat

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a form of desktop virtualization, also known as platform as a service (PaaS). VDI platforms, such as Citrix and VMware Horizon, offer users the ability to run desktops, applications, or servers in a virtual environment from any location in the world—not just at corporate offices. In this new “work from anywhere” world with work-from-home employees, hybrid workers, remote medical professionals, field technicians, and so on, VDI technology continues to become more critical by enabling business users to access business applications from anywhere. 

In early February 2020, NETSCOUT acquired Gigavation, a cybersecurity company with technology that provides security for device communication protocols, end-point protection, and security analysis. In addition to adding to NETSCOUT’s already-robust cybersecurity product portfolio, Gigavation gives NETSCOUT the first-in-the-industry ability to monitor and triage performance and security issues within a VDI environment. 

To ensure optimal VDI user experience, IT operations (ITOps) must be aware of several potential issues that could take place. Issues related to user experience problems can link back to improper load balancing, sporadic traffic bursts, unusually long waiting times for storefront login, or even the platform server itself. 

NETSCOUT technologies provide the ability to monitor VDI infrastructures and applications at scale by harvesting smart analytical data with industry-leading granularity. This means organizations can now ensure availability and performance of their VDI deployments for hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of users. 

By using deep packet inspection (DPI) at scale within a Citrix or VMWare environment, for example, NETSCOUT can triage problems that affect the user experience, as well as external dependencies affecting that platform’s user experience, regardless of where those users reside. This monitoring strategy gives ITOps the ability to quickly pinpoint areas causing user experience degradation and alleviate the problem well before users fill out trouble tickets or complain.

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