NETSCOUT Enhances Network and Service Visibility with ServiceNow Integration

NETSCOUT Enhances Network and Service Visibility with ServiceNow Integration

Swapping back and forth between application is time-consuming and adds to the stress and frustration of every IT, Network, and Operations personnel. They know they have a problem in the network, service/application, or devices but they need answers fast to what is the root problem. A customer, partner or sometimes worse, their supervisor, is phoning or emailing them to immediately triage a service issue. They must go to one system for the trouble ticket information and then another system to investigate it. To do that they must log into the second system and then figure out how to transfer the key information from System A that they need to troubleshoot the issue into System B. And then if the alert didn’t come from System B and they must find out what System it did come from in order to investigate the alert further. Such is a day in the life of the average IT, Network, and Operations technician and specialist. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore with NETSCOUT and ServiceNow users.

For a long time, the network and service information available in both NETSCOUT and ServiceNow applications has been viewed as complementary. These joint application users have wanted to be able to use both applications in a seamless, integrated fashion. Now, NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE and ServiceNow's IT Operations Management (ITOM) Visibility and Health applications can be joined with a new integration module that allows users to perform enhanced troubleshooting and service triage utilizing both applications.

The integration of NETSCOUT and ServiceNow increases network and service visibility for IT and Operations to assure a high-quality subscriber experience for employees and facilities teams in an increasingly hybrid work environment that demands flexible, agile workplace service management applications. The new integration module now connects NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE service assurance solution with ServiceNow’s ITOM Health application. NETSCOUT and ServiceNow users can utilize this integration module for a best-of-breed approach to investigating and quickly identifying the root cause of service degradations and faults. The NETSCOUT ServiceNow integration module is available in the ServiceNow store for joint customers.

Enhanced Early Warning System

NETSCOUT's solution provides complimentary network and service visibility that augments the information available in ServiceNow ITOM. NETSCOUT delivers 24X7 network visibility for any equipment vendor, data center, service, technology, or cloud along with continuous service dependency mapping with its Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI). This integration with ServiceNow improves the quality of the information sent by nGeniusONE by generating "alarms," "events," and "incidents" in ServiceNow with real-time, layer-7 visibility and actionable intelligence from NETSCOUT’s ASI smart data.

Integrated Troubleshooting

The new NETSCOUT nGeniusONE Alert integration module enables alerts generated from nGeniusONE to be sent to ServiceNow’s ITOM applications with a contextual launch capability that allows ServiceNow users to seamlessly query back into nGeniusONE for Node, Application, Link, and Service-related triage. Likewise, ServiceNow users can now launch queries into nGeniusONE from any other alert received by ServiceNow ITOM using the given Node as context. The nGeniusONE Alert Module delivers dashboard and reporting to view nGeniusONE alerts over time over different time periods to aid in the triaging of critical alerts, events, or incidents. 

NETSCOUT’s service assurance solution provides Visibility Without Borders that eliminates visibility gaps and aids in the success of cloud migration. It is a perfect complement to ServiceNow whose ITOM Visibility and Health applications enables the IT departments of enterprises and cloud companies providing a platform as a service to discover their IT resources and proactively manage their infrastructure. The two products operating together will enhance the productivity and improve the reaction time to not only service failures but service degradations enabling IT and Operations team to act before customers are impacted.