NETSCOUT and Palo Alto Networks Announce Security Solutions Integration

Enhanced security operations, coupled with advanced DDoS protection, helps customers more quickly resolve threats while reducing complexity.

NETSCOUT and Palo Alto Networks Announce Security Solutions Integration

Given today’s rapid rate of innovation from threat actors, building partnerships that integrate cybersecurity solutions has become a crucial step in battling what many characterize as a global crisis. The recently announced integration of security solutions between NETSCOUT and Palo Alto Networks illustrates the value of this strategy. The two organizations’ fully integrated security solutions are now available to support security operations centers (SOCs) in detecting, analyzing, and mitigating security threats in complex hybrid environments.

“Integrating NETSCOUT’s Arbor Sightline and Omnis AED solutions with our Cortex XSOAR platform helps our joint customers improve their security operations with improved detection and mitigation across their entire IT infrastructure,” said Neelima Rustagi, vice president of product management at Palo Alto Networks. “Security and network teams can take advantage of our collaboration to improve their security posture while simplifying complex security workflows and decreasing operating expenses.”

Cortex XSOAR helps SOC teams reduce manual cycles, manage alerts across any source, standardize processes with playbooks, enrich incidents with threat intelligence, and automate response for any security use case. NETSCOUT delivers network to service layer visibility into key security indicators of threats and vulnarabilities, plus high-level scalability and the ability to block malicious ingress and egress traffic. Together, the companies are helping customers improve their security operation efficiency with fewer false positives while enhancing their security posture with fewer false negatives.

“Enterprises can benefit from a layered security strategy,” said Tom Raimondi, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at NETSCOUT. “Once informed by Arbor Sightline DDoS incident reports and Omnis AED network edge attack detection, Cortex XSOAR can make enforcement policy changes through any device within the environment to give security teams the flexibility they need. We’re pleased to be working with Palo Alto Networks to help our customers reduce security risks through better intelligence.”

For more information about how NETSCOUT and Palo Alto Networks are collaborating to detect, analyze, and mitigate security threats, please visit NETSCOUT’s Palo Alto Networks partner page.