Legal Guardians: Supporting the Connected World of NETSCOUT

guardians connected world
Jeff Levinson

As businesses today embrace digital transformation, the need to assure the performance of the technologies that lie at the heart of the connected world has never been more important. NETSCOUT has made a name for itself throughout the marketplace, supporting the “Guardians of the Connected World” who are responsible for the ever more complex networks and applications that we have come to rely on daily.

Three years ago, NETSCOUT went through its own transformation, acquiring several business entities that greatly expanded the company’s capabilities and industry reach. Today, NETSCOUT is an industry-leading provider of application and network performance management and cybersecurity products. With more than three thousand employees globally, the company has tripled its workforce and more than doubled its revenue. However, with this rapid growth in size and scope have come several complex challenges involving company culture and business operations.

An important champion behind NETSCOUT’s efforts to integrate new assets and personnel and to seize business opportunities has been Jeff Levinson, vice president and general counsel for the company. Jeff and his legal team have invested considerable time in getting to know new coworkers and new functions of the business, to provide experienced counsel and support their legal needs such as with revenue contracts or meeting compliance mandates.

To accomplish this, the in-house counsel’s office regularly talk to regional directors, sit in on forecast calls, attend engineering and executive meetings, participate in operations planning, and engage with marketing and manufacturing team leaders. With knowledge gained from these conversations, the legal team works to support efforts around product integration and new go-to-market approaches. Others in the department also work collaboratively to provide subject matter expertise in support of global operations and public company obligations.  

One of the more important aspects of Jeff’s focus has been on the implementation of a corporate culture that is well suited for the newly integrated business. Consistent with the vision laid out by NETSCOUT CEO, Anil Singhal, Jeff has consistently promoted his and his department's longstanding foundational values of integrity, excellence, and fortitude.

Another important focus for Jeff and his team has been to ensure that the legal office is able to move at the speed of today’s digital business world. The increasing velocity of the marketplace necessitates that the legal department perform at hyper-speed. Each member of the team is expected to go beyond meeting the legal needs of the organization and contribute as business leaders. Jeff believes it’s critical for his team to always look at the bigger picture of how to make things work for the company’s employees, customers, shareholders, and even the community at large.

NETSCOUT’s legal team plays an important role as guardians of the business. As the company has transformed to meet the changing needs of the connected world, so too has the legal office. As a result, NETSCOUT is better prepared for sustained growth and continued industry leadership.

This blog is based on the article, Guardians of the NetScout Galaxy, profiling Jeff Levinson, vice president and general counsel for NETSCOUT, which was published in Pro File Magazine.