Is IT Staff Turnover Putting Your Network in Peril?

Avoid the brain drain—leverage managed services for continuity of technology management and support.

Is IT Staff Turnover Putting Your Network in Peril?
Tracy Steele

There’s really nothing like that new-car smell. I suppose a similar thing can be said of freshly implemented network technology, but instead of inhaling that distinctive aroma, IT staffers’ minds are filled with freshly acquired knowledge on how to keep systems up and running smoothly.

In those early days of implementation, IT teams are provided in-depth training and critical resources to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of newly implemented, capital-funded IT solutions. But over time, IT personnel inevitably change roles and shift responsibilities, get promoted, move to other companies, or just plain retire. In fact, a recent survey found that among technical employees, there is a nearly 20 percent rate of staff turnover every year. Regardless of the reason, the outcome remains the same: Organizations are left with a reduced ability to manage network technology.

This IT “brain drain” leaves organizations vulnerable. Invaluable technical knowledge and experience is gradually lost, and without proper levels of support, technologies themselves can languish and even become obsolete.

The Bottom-line Value of Uninterrupted Support

Having a consistent level of expert support is essential to maintaining the highest-quality use of an enterprise’s networks, applications, and services. It is also critical for supporting annual maintenance, software upgrades, expansions, and enhancements to vital technology infrastructure.

Beyond the importance of keeping systems up and running for the sake of business efficiency and end-user satisfaction, having uninterrupted support makes good bottom-line sense. Ensuring continuous support protects investments made in the technology. After all, capital expense and accounting write-offs typically take three to five years, after which time the systems are essentially paid for. Avoiding obsolescence is the best way to protect that investment.

Managed Monitoring Services to the Rescue

One way IT organizations can solve the brain-drain dilemma is via managed monitoring services. Using a visibility-as-a-service (VaaS) solution enables IT to harness outside expertise to support maintenance of network and related technologies. A VaaS provider can also be an invaluable source of knowledge. The expertise of VaaS professionals ensures knowledge transfer and continuous education of internal IT staff—not only concerning the technology itself, but also concerning best practices on how to apply all the valuable features and capabilities of that technology. 

When it comes to managed monitoring services, NETSCOUT VaaS has the expertise IT organizations need to manage, analyze, and support network infrastructures, including voice, video, and software-as-as-service (SaaS) applications.

NETSCOUT’s unparalleled depth of knowledge makes it possible for its VaaS professionals to share invaluable industry best practices, which can be leveraged to ensure quick time to value for rapid resolution of issues. In this way, VaaS protects organizations from IT turnover and loss of technology knowledge by providing that continuity of management and support.

A network engineer from one recent customer described the engagement with NETSCOUT this way: “The VaaS team has helped with monitoring of our environment and helped us understand our equipment. I feel comfortable going into an incident knowing I have them to help in the situation.”

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