Inspiring Interns: Guardians of the Connected World

Learn about Kaitlyn Simpson and her journey at NETSCOUT.

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Internships are the stepping stones of a career path filled with growth and exposure to one’s desired field. For over ten years, NETSCOUT’s internship program has provided hundreds of college and graduate students with full-time paid work experience on their journey toward success. We are proud to have hosted more than 35 interns in the U.S. this past summer. In this series, we will be profiling a few interns who share their experiences as Guardians of the Connected World. Read on to learn more about Kaitlyn Simpson and her journey at NETSCOUT. 

Kaitlyn Simpson, a young woman with long red hair wearing a black NETSCOUT t-shirt

How did your NETSCOUT internship go?

My internship was the best experience I have ever had in a workspace. NETSCOUT Guardians are the most caring, motivated, and inspirational people I have ever met, and they never fail to treat people with respect.

What does an average week look like for you?

Each week, I have meetings with the marketing team to go over goals, objectives, and progress on certain efforts we have been making as a whole. I also have many meetings with my intern partner to work on our intern project for the summer. Then, if requested, I have meetings with my manager to further develop my skills as a marketing professional. Other than meetings, I have work sessions that further aid in the development of my project or webinars that continue to grow my knowledge of the marketing world.

What is the most important skill needed for your role as a NETSCOUT intern?

Organization and accountability are the most important skills needed for my role. 

What have you learned, and how have you grown at NETSCOUT?

I have learned so much about social marketing here at NETSCOUT. From paid versus organic material to creating a social post via our social media manager, I have been learning and growing constantly this summer. One of the most important things I have learned at NETSCOUT is self-leadership. I took a course in June that focused on SMART [specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound] goals, challenging assumed constraints, and development levels in correlation to leadership style. This class helped me greatly regarding work ethic and productivity. It also was 100 percent free and gave me the opportunity to collaborate with other NETSCOUT Guardians who have been here for years!

Can you tell us about a project you worked on?

I worked on an employee advocacy project with another NETSCOUT intern. The overall goal was to get employees to participate in increasing NETSCOUT’s share of voice and provide them content to help them develop themselves as professionals. Even before the project was 100 percent finished, we began seeing amazing growth, and I hope that as I continue my internship, I can see even more. Aiding in the development of our employee advocacy project not only helped me hone my skills as a marketing intern but also helped me develop my LinkedIn profile by exposing me to different trainings, optimization tutorials, and industry-related content. 

What motivates you?

Knowing I am doing a good job and/or making a difference.

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