How a Major Bank Solved Its Network Performance Challenges

Visibility as a service and nGenius solutions enhance user experience.

Major Bank Solves Network Performance with NETSCOUT Performance Management
Tracy Steele

The only thing more frustrating than a slow network connection is a dropped voice call. Both of these issues were plaguing a major bank, directly impacting the quality of its customer service, which in turn threatened to damage the bank’s reputation.

Due to the complex landscape of voice and video connectivity, which included a cloud environment, the bank’s voice engineering team faced persistent challenges in mitigating the cause of video call drops. In addition, customers and local bank branch managers were reporting application slowness, creating further frustrations for users. As a result, IT faced an onslaught of help desk tickets and thousands of alerts signaling interface errors. Every call drop required an in-depth diagnosis, requiring months to pinpoint and resolve the root cause of the problem.

Armed with the Right Solution, but Lacking Technical Expertise

The bank turned to NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management, which provided access to a single view of the customer unified communications (UC) environment including call trace and packet analysis. However, the voice engineering team needed more technical expertise to get the most from the network and application performance management solution. This is where NETSCOUT’s visibility-as-a-service (VaaS) team came to the rescue.

The VaaS team was able to execute a meticulous diagnosis of the bank’s network and cloud environment by leveraging proactive monitoring and service triage, they were able to swiftly isolate voice streams with surgical precision. The use of NETSCOUT InfiniStream appliances allowed for the capture of north/south traffic flows on the physical network. At the same time, strategically deployed vStreams in the virtual network segment captured east/west traffic, enabling the team to seamlessly knit together a comprehensive monitoring view that included the bank’s cloud deployment.

The Value of Having a Dedicated Partner

The expertise of the VaaS team’s vigilance ensured not only that issues were resolved swiftly but also that the bank’s voice engineering team had a dedicated partner available to maintain a seamless voice connectivity experience and operational excellence.

The combination of the NETSCOUT solution for network and application performance monitoring and the proactive efforts of the VaaS team for service triage made it possible to address every glitch and every intricacy of the network, rapidly and thoroughly resolving the bank’s issues—even in the cloud. For this financial institution, having VaaS was a game-changer, providing much-needed technical expertise that reduced the burden on internal IT resources while ensuring the network was running at peak performance.

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