Hospital Adds New Visibility to Assure Cerner EMR and VoIP

Hospital Adds New Visibility to Assure Cerner EMR and VoIP
Eileen Haggerty

Electronic medical record (EMR) applications are among the most critical systems used by hospital medical staff to ensure safe, secure, swift patient care. As doctors and nurses depend on instant access to the information in patient records, healthcare IT teams make the availability, reliability, and performance of this application a top priority. Delivering flawless performance is a complex undertaking, however. Computers wheeled on carts, smart beds, hand-held tablets, and smart phones may all be connecting wirelessly to the physical network across private and public cloud environments, all from a wide variety of vendors. And EMR applications must operate flawlessly 24x7x365 to meet the needs of their healthcare organization.

The quality of voice communications in a healthcare is similarly essential. Today, when visits to the healthcare facilities are minimized to avoid exposure to other contagious diseases, that phone call needs to be clear and without disruption. As a family member is on the phone with a medical professional discussing treatment plans for their loved one, a poor-quality call should be the least of their concerns.

Learn how one healthcare organization improved the performance and availability of their critical Cerner EMR application and voice services using NETSCOUT solutions.

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