Evolution’s the Watchword for 5G in Financial Services

Evolution’s the Watchword for 5G in Financial Services
Agnes Mends-Crentsil

When it comes to 5G and the financial services industry, the operative word is evolution. By adding innovation to existing progress, 5G offers the financial industry the opportunity to accelerate the journey to a mobile-centric business model.

In a recent Forbes article, Bruce Kelley, CTO and SVP of NETSCOUT, Service Provider, outlines some important ways that 5G networks will help financial institutions build a touchless, safe, fast, and easy-to-use customer experience. Digital payments are a great example. In a world where nearly 20 percent of millennials in FIS’s 2019 Performance Against Customer Expectations (PACE) survey said they’ve stopped using cash entirely, 5G networks can streamline the digital payment experience through everything from smart phones and smart watches to IoT channels. Consumers will see the effects of 5G innovation in everything from pop-up banking to virtual reality in banking.

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Mends-Crentsil is a product marketing manager at NETSCOUT.