Ensure Performance and User Experience During Application Migrations

Ensure Performance and User Experience During Application Migrations
Eileen Haggerty

Flexera’s 2021 State of the Cloud Report concluded that for some respondents, one of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic was to accelerate the process of migrating applications to the cloud. In fact, Flexera’s recent survey revealed that 54 percent of workloads were expected to be in the cloud within the next 12 months.

When migrating applications to the cloud, lift and shift or refactoring both carry challenges that are critical enough for many IT teams to consider ways to reduce issues and/or triage problems that emerge during the planning stages or before initiating early test or trial phases of the migration. Problems end users may experience include:

  • Inability to log into the new application
  • Slower response times performing specific processes in the application
  • Inability to access particular information

Knowing these migrations are not a flip-of-a-switch, overnight event, ensuring application performance throughout the migration timeline—before, during, and after the transition—will help give IT and the overall enterprise the confidence that critical applications and the services they deliver will not be interrupted.

Consider the real-world example of a global service company that was involved in a major migration to bring all of its employees onto a single, cloud-based application for enterprise resource planning (ERP). Due to the critical nature of this ERP application to the business’s entire customer engagement and service delivery, ensuring performance of the service was a priority of the IT team. 

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